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How a Legal Services Network Drives Sustained Global Growth?

A Legal Services Network (LSN) can open new paths of revenue while introducing your firm to great lawyers from around the world. However, not all LSNs are created equal.

Elite global LSNs deliver the support necessary to position your law firm for long-term success and superior global client service. They function as tested and trusted global partners, encouraging members’ growth by utilizing the network’s connections and assets.

1. Access to the Best Lawyers

A global legal services network can provide your firm with access to some of the best lawyers in the world. They have expertise in your industry and can help you grow your practice while maintaining your firm’s relevance in the global market.

Lawyers that are members of a global legal services network often work on a limited scope / unbundled basis for their clients, which can save them a lot of money in the long run. This allows clients to get the expert advice and representation they need without paying a large up-front retainer.

These services can be used to handle everything from traffic tickets and wills to tax matters, ERISA claims and more. The Access Lawyer Network has network attorneys nationwide who can help you navigate your complex legal issues.

Strong law firm networks also offer young attorneys opportunities to participate in interest groups that break barriers to practice and expand their contacts in the network. These groups can help younger attorneys get the experience they need while also preparing them for the future of their career.

2. Trusted Local Sources

Legal services are a vital part of a global economy. Clients are increasingly looking for access to legal advice in any part of the world.

As a result, law firms are expanding their scope internationally. This is especially true for large law firms that have grown significantly over the past decade.

A legal services network can provide law firms with trusted local sources of legal services that are familiar with their clients’ needs and are established and well-respected in their own markets. This helps law firms deliver superior client service and keep their business growing.

Moreover, global legal services networks provide their members with dedicated personnel who specialize in building relationships between member-firm lawyers. These relationships are essential for marketing and referral-building within the network.

3. Opportunities for Young Attorneys

A recent survey by the International Bar Association (IBA) found that more than 1 in 5 lawyers under 40 are thinking about leaving their professions. These worrisome numbers should give legal employers pause and prompt them to invest in long-term retention plans.

The IBA found that mental health issues are also a significant driver of career decisions for younger attorneys. This is not surprising, considering the high level of harassment and bullying in the industry.

Another key motivation for young lawyers is a good work-life balance. This is a particularly important factor for those who are married or have children, since it can help to improve the quality of life and increase productivity in the workplace.

A strong global LSN should also offer opportunities for attorneys on the rise to engage in interest groups that break down barriers and expedite relationship building across the network. These interest groups should also be able to leverage new technological solutions that make it easier for members to communicate.

4. Multi-Level Relationships

Legal services have never been more important to the global economy. They serve the needs of both businesses and individuals, enabling people to do business together and enforce agreements that underpin capitalist economies.

A strong LSN can help you build multi-level relationships with trusted attorneys from around the world. These relationships can open new paths of revenue for your firm while introducing you to some of the most brilliant lawyers in the world.

Today, a digitized legal delivery model is emerging as consumers demand ‘faster, better, cheaper’ and more efficient and transparent ways to get the services they need, when they need them, from wherever they need them. This is an era where the old law firm model is being disrupted by corporate-focused, tech-enabled, well capitalized and innovative legal providers.

Investing in a strong network will allow you to expand your international footprint and keep up with the rapidly changing client demands and technology innovations of the future. For this reason, it’s important to find a network that is both technologically advanced and committed to maintaining its platform so that members can seamlessly access the resources they need when they need them.

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